Well, I want an election manifesto of my own. Any party that as policy similar to mine will get this blog dedicated to winning them 5% or more. There are some good ideas here but I need NZ-specific ones.

SO far:

Dragging the country northwards until Wellington is a tropical city.
Making a legally-binding Opposites Day.
Making the SkyTower have a water-slide all the way down.
Putting escalators on Mt. Cook.
Introducing compulsory dance breaks at work.
Rebuilding Parliament into a sports arena.
Changing the way Parliament operates so that bills are fought to decide which way the vote goes, each party is allocated fighters instead of seats in an election (thus Labour would have an advantage with 51 fighters compared to National's 27 and would be able to win more fights).
Compulsory de-education in the elderly to then be pumped into children.

Any suggestions?
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Blogger John at 6/6/05 10:09 PM said

You have completely misconstrued my site. I am in no way facist, and I don't appreciate it. We are not anti-civil liberties. If you actually took the time to look around my blog and read...yes read it, you would see that. You could have at least talked to us, and clarified what we were, but no....lets bad mouth the freakin site. Let's smear them.    

Blogger John at 6/6/05 10:10 PM said

Tacticts like this is why you liberals are so despised.    

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