The Simpsons and DBP

"You *kidnapped* me. I remember it distinctly with the grabbing, duct taping, tennis ball in the mouth. It hurt me."
- Dr. Frink in Simpsons episode #AABF17

Now this is quite a strange reference, the entire idea of duct taping and a tennis ball in the mouth is a strange combination.

So, were the claims against David Benson-Pope created out of a reference to the Simpsons?
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Blogger Bren at 13/6/05 9:17 PM said

Hehe... I thought the exact same thing when I was watching the simpsons today...

Maybe Phil Weaver become friends with a Simpsons writer?    

Blogger span at 13/6/05 9:45 PM said

do you think we get the new episodes that fast in NZ??

maybe you are looking at this the wrong way around - maybe it's an old Simpson's episode and that's where DBP got the idea from! ;-)    

Blogger Joe Hendren at 13/6/05 11:58 PM said

span - the chicken and egg question is easy to answer here - the simpsons were not around in the 1980s - therefore benson-pope's proported serving of tennis balls occured before the simpsons episode - but that does not prevent the claims being based on the simpsons :)    

Blogger Bren at 14/6/05 12:00 AM said

The show was a repeat (it showed today) but it's not that old... According to it aired 2nd May 1999.

I'm still standing by my theory that Weaver become friends with writer John Swartzwelder and told him about his schoolyard days.    

Blogger Bren at 14/6/05 12:02 AM said

Oh and Joe - For the record, the Simpsons first appeared on the Tracy Ullman show in 1987, with their first full length episode airing in 1989.... December 17.    

Blogger Phantasmagoric Political Junkie at 14/6/05 9:24 AM said

It is quite possible that this is where Phil Weaver got the idea from. Sources that I have indicate that Phil Weaver's story is dodgy.
This creates a plausable origin on the compliants, I would suspect that this maybe brought up by the Labour Party at some stage.    

Blogger span at 16/6/05 8:24 PM said

jeez don't you guys know what a ;-) means anymore? :-P

and joe the egg came first. it really did. trust me.    

Anonymous Anonymous at 3/9/05 2:27 AM said

I went to Bayfield High School....I knew DPB..and Phil Weaver. Phil Weaver was an idiot...a trouble maker...a bully...just a nasty peice of work. This is well documented in other forums etc. He lied no doubt about it!    

Anonymous 0 at 10/1/06 6:57 PM said

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