Attack on Teachers

One of the National billboards is on 'Education priorities'. Amongst the list is PPTA and the NZEI. The PPTA is the Post Primary Teachers Association (the secondary school teachers union) and the NZEI is the New Zealand Education Institute (the primary school teachers union). The PPTA and NZEI argue for better pay for teachers and for better conditions. Teachers are highly sought after throughout the world. If National got their way, the PPTA and NZEI would be less powerful and get their way less often. So, teachers pay and conditions get worse. What would then happen? All the good teachers would leave the country and we would be stuck with those that can barely count yet alone teach maths.

Then on the list is NZQA. The NZQA should have more power not less in setting the circulum, taking it out of the politicans hands (who could decide to raise a generation of indoctrinated children). Wrong again National.

NCEA - National party started it. Hmmmm, another flip-flop by National.

So, while National may have 'KIDS', the system it implements will not help them as it will screw them over in thousands of other ways.
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